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Tracking Thyroid: Cause We’re Busier Than Deodorizer in a Boy’s Room

Elderly Sikh Writing in Note Pad at Table - Buy at Art.comToday’s post is suppose to be about tracking yourself.

You see, I have a Fitbit Tracker, this new bobby -pin of a device (OK it is bigger than a bobby-pin … it actually resembles a small plastic tampon, sprayed black).

It’s this kind of cool, electronic, techy, tracking gadget, but it does sorta’ remind me why I find cell phones a hassle.

There’s all that plugging — and charging — and checking if people know you are alive — and battery-life-checking that makes a toddler look easier to deal with all day.

Anyways, I have this Fitbit clip-thingy and it tracks how much I walk everyday, how I sleep at night … and other fun stuff.

The reason I started tracking myself like Google is tracking you is because it’s the best way  (for me) to gauge how well I am doing at taking care of myself. It has this website it syncs up to that tracks everything from how long you sat in that chair eating, to how many times you roll over in bed.  If you enter your food it will track your calories.

Did you know that coffee isn’t breakfast?

And then …

Somewhere around 2:00pm today I lost the Fitbutt.

Suddenly it wasn’t clipped to my bra anymore and I had to feel around to make sure it wasn’t buried under the girls.

Nope.Fitbit has run away


I did a quick tour of my place — hoping to find it on the floor, but nope.

How in the chocolate-hell am I suppose to write a post about telling you to start tracking your life when I’ve lost my tracker half -way through this first day with you on this?

No wonder I never wear earrings anymore.

Here’s the deal. We thyroid-gals like to hold our doctors feet to the fire. We don’t like them strictly treating us by our numbers, yet we are first to ask each other what our numbers are.

You and I both know that our “numbers” don’t tell the whole truth about who we are, or what we are doing…

  • How much sugar do you eat? Do you really know? Is there sugar in your mustard?
  • What time are you going to bed at night? I mean trying to fall asleep — not the chatting on the phone, with the computer in your lap kind of try to sleep either. Is it 10:00 on Monday night, 12:00 on Tuesday, 11:30 on Wednesday, 9:30 on Thursday, and so forth with no rhythm to your rest time?
  • Do you eat just before you go to bed? A half hour before? Once a week before bed? Every night?
  • How much do you walk? Relax? Laugh?
  • How often do you do something for you?
  • How much coffee? How much stress?
  • How much alcohol?
  • Cigarettes?

If we are willing to track part of our lives for a week we will begin to see a pattern.  And that pattern might be able to begin to answer what else might be sideways in your life.  Too much of one thing and not enough of another may be adding to some lingering issues.

The sugar and/or alcohol could be what relaxes you at the end of a stressful day because you can’t relax on your own.

Maybe exercise makes you more tired, but you sleep better at night when you get some.  In tracking yourself you soon realize that a small walk, or a stretching session before bed, or a bike ride in after dinner is the perfect way to wind you into bed.

Maybe you start out just doing this one night a week.

You may find that there are days when you eat your lunch later and have more energy in the afternoon. You may be surprised by what you are eating and when you are eating it. (Wow did I really eat three cups of almonds and coffee for my lunch?)

Do you snack while cooking dinner because you don’t eat enough all day and are starving to death as soon as you walk through your front door?

Don’t know?  Is your husband nodding?

Tracking our habits helps us decode the patterns in our lives. Let’s face it, we are all busier than deodorizer in a boy’s room, so subtle clues about our lives can fall through the cracks, especially if we are the ones always taking care of everyone.

Tracking aides us in confiding to our doctors what is really going on with us — not just what we think we need to tell them.

Let’s give those doctors a bigger window into our life.

If you are super-busy, or super-tired, or super-both, try writing 6 words that express your day. You can even tweet them on Twitter.


  • Coffee. Bread. Coffee. Pissed. Wine. Kiss.
  • Needed jumper cables all day. Martini.
  • Sugar made me smile. Crappy sleep.
  • Good sleep. Happy. Walk. Relaxed. Smile.
  • Stupid girl online making me think.

You don’t have to track it on Fitbit (mine was given to me by my friend Heather — I am not a sponsor for the company.  But if they want to send me one of those new pink ones I won’t turn them down). You probably have an app that can do this for you too.

I’ll make a promise to you. I will track my shit all week and share it with you next Monday. And you can see if you see any patterns in my life. I may be doing the tweet method if I don’t find that Fitbit.

If you want to track yours and share what you find I would love to hear from you.

If you know any Catholics — have them ask St. Anthony to find my Fitbit for me — thanks.


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  1. Sara February 3, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    I’m going to check out that hot pink Fitbit……… thanks again for sharing your wisdow with us….. hope you find your black one AND get a free hot pink one for your informal sponsorship efforts! :-)

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