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Fitbit Monday: I Think I Am Not Fit, What About You?

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Buy at Art.comYes I found the Fitbit thingy. A thank you to you Catholics who asked St. Anthony to find it for me.

It worked.

My friend Heather had this great idea for finding the Fitbit by suggesting that I plug the Fitbit base into a laptop and walk around and see if the Fitbit website automatically updates  my activity stats.

The gadget should be within 15-feet of the laptop with the base attached if the website auto-updates.

Except for one small problem and that is my laptop no longer works because I have a teenage son.  But he does have his own computer at the front of our home, so I figured since I gave birth to him I could just go take over his computer.

And I did — there’s that type-A personality, thyroid thing for ya’.

I plugged in the device base to his computer, and walla — the website updated. Which was both good news and bad news — the good news being that the gadget was within 15 feet and still had battery life … the bad news was that the Fitbit was probably in my teenage son’s bedroom. Needless to say I’d need a hazmat suit to do any real exploration of his room.

Plus there might be things I’d find in there that he doesn’t want me to find. You know?


Surprisingly for me, I actually waited until he got home from rugby practice to tell him that my Fitbit device was within 15 feet from his computer and ask him for help finding it. Since I spend large amounts of time on a computer, I have terrible eyesight, so finding some small black clip thingy would take me three years, and this way I could really just make him do all the work (it is the reason we have kids).

He gave me that “you’ve got to be kidding me” teenage-look, then realized that I do bring his folded clothes from the laundry to his bed and I wouldn’t be a real threat to his bedroom privacy because I am so blind (it was probably the one-eyed look I was giving him) so he reluctantly agreed (as long as we were done before his gaming friends arrived).

The announcement that he was expecting friends caused me to look at the futon folded in his closet and ponder whether we needed to drag it out and spray it with teenage-boy disinfectant since teenage boys would be crashing on it … when I looked down to the floor and there was that darn Fitbit laying against a corner of the futon.  I would have thought technology had come far enough that it would automatically repel from things boys sleep on.

Small victories like finding my Fitbit make me believe I haven’t entirely lost my thyroid mind.

So like I promised, here are my stats for the week —

  • Mo – 6730 steps, 3 miles
  • Tu – 6781 steps, 3 miles*
  • We – 6781 steps, 3 miles*
  • Th – 6781 steps, 3 miles*
  • Fr – 6781 steps, 3 miles*
  • Sa – 2656 steps, 1.18 miles
  • Su – 5685 Steps, 2.52 miles

*while the Fitbit was missing I made sure to do the 3 mile loop by where I live and I manually entered 3 miles.

Let’s discuss tracking shall we?

The reason why I advise you to track everything if you have a thyroid issue is that numbers and logs don’t lie. The information is right there for us to look at … and judging by my stats I am not moving enough. It is absolutely true that I spend too much time working at my computer. And if I take this information to my doctor, he will agree with me.  This would be a reason why I could be feeling tired.

If you have one of those doctors that disagrees with you about your health regime, or doesn’t quite take you seriously when you say that you still have lingering thyroid symptoms, logs about you and how you live your life can be powerful back-up arguments.

They can also show you where you are cheating yourself.

Tracking keeps you organized when you have Hashimotos disease.  It will help you look at your stresses and better manage your life.

The Fitbit can track how I am sleeping at night along with my food intake (if I let it) and this week I am going to begin logging this for you in the hopes that I can encourage you to start tracking your life. I’d also advise you to track your moods, when you take your meds and whether you take your meds with food.  If the idea of tracking seems overwhelming, then just do it for two weeks and see what you find out about yourself.

You don’t have to buy a Fitbit tracker to do what I am doing.

I looked around the Internet to see what I could find in the way of cheap trackers for you —

For tracking your steps —

  • I did an Amazon Search of “pedometers” and came up with the following – DMC-03 Multi-Function Pedometer (it comes in cute colors for $6.75).  Some people also recommend EBay for this too.
  • If you have an iPod there’s a pedometer app called FREE Pedometer.
  • You can also track yourself for free by using  www.mappedometer.com where you can use Google maps to outline the route you took and calculate the miles you walked, ran, biked…crawled.

Free websites for logging everything —

Let me know if you have any suggestions for trackers that you like to use.  Paper journals work great too.

This week, let’s get tracking!


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The Secret of a Teenage Boys’ Christmas Joy

“Boobello, if you had one thing you could have for Christmas, what would that be?”

“I’m okay this year mom, really.”

“No. I asked you a question . . .”


“Well, you aren’t going to like it . . .”

“Try me.”

“I want to play Rugby this season.”

“And that’s what you want for Christmas – more than anything? Why?”

“Well . . . because Dad is coaching and I want to hang out with him and my friends.”




“Yes, Merry Christmas Brian.”

“You said yes?”

“Yes, Brian, don’t make me take it back. But your grades stay up, right?”

“Yes, of course. I love you mom. Merry Christmas.”

Merry Christmas – my heart walking outside in the world  . . .

Until next time –



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