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Proof It Really Is All About The Kids

Tonight I enjoyed a dinner date with my son. We decided to walk to a Japanese restaurant at the shopping center about a mile from our home. Brian loves sushi or really any type of seafood.

So we dawned walking shoes and chatted our way there. Brian always tells me interesting things when we walk together.  He tells me that I had better “keep up” with his walking pace (I was in labor with you boy you have no idea just how well I can keep up). He tells me of his plans for his future, what he sees for us, his favorite friends and stories of Pokemon. I can listen to him talk forever.

We have tempura and some sushi at the restaurant. It is a sweet dinner out. The service is top notch and I take this time to begin training Brian on how to take a girl out to dinner, although he wrinkles his nose and looks at me like I am nuts – girls?  Ew Mom.

When dinner is over he cons be into going into a small bookstore because he knows I am a sucker for books. He heads straight for the Star Wars section while I find my way to the health section. I intend to buy nothing.  Really.  We leave with a Star Wars book along with a star Wars magazine. So much for a cheap night out.

We walk back through the center and passing a clothing store as I realize Brian has outgrown his sweat pants and could use some for his weigh in at tomorrows football game. I tell Brian it will be a quick trip in and out. That so called quick trip involved a new pair of tennis shoes for him, sweat pants and a youth football (as in the kind you throw). So much for a quick in and out and just sweat pants.

Will I ever shop for me again?

We walk back as darkness begins to fall.  Brian runs ahead throwing the football back for me to catch one-handed because naturally I am carrying all the bags.

Will he ever carry his own things?

We return home as Brian exclaims he is tired.  He asks for a bedtime story.  No wonder I am too tired to date.  How does someone do this with more than one?

Until next time-


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