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How I Improved My Symptoms of Hashimotos Disease

How I Improved My Symptoms of Hashimotos Disease: Boonie the dogSometimes I forget to talk about my Hashimotos disease.

I have been on a bit of a relapse cycle lately.  It is part of an autoimmune disease, but still the most difficult part for me to accept.

It takes everything I have to fight it.But fight it we must.

Do you think Oprah takes a day off?

Aspirin is a pain reliever with anti-inflammatory effects that does help, so an aspirin-a-day helps with this battle.

I thank god for Boonie the dog my ex-husband bought for our son, Brian.  This dog seems to be attached to me.  Maybe because I don’t let her starve to death and actually fill her bowl with water (hello son?).

This doesn’t mean that I have to be nice to my ex-husband does it?

Today I was feeling guilty about not taking Boonie-the-dog to the dog park, so I drank some green tea, swallowed my aspirin and took her to the State park instead of the usual dog park. Thyroid down cycles can be butt-kickers.  This latest one has gone on for two weeks now.  I am thinking it is too much T4 and not enough T3.

Sometimes I don’t think we need T4 at all.  I am beginning to believe that too much T4 medication is where the lingering symptoms come from.  Kind of like too much dark chocolate and wine combined with Latin men.

I needed a change.

Walking on a beautiful, hot Indian-summer day was just the thing.

We hiked 5 miles and thank God for ‘dog drag’ — you know — where your dog drags you along.

The deer were out in force and the Canadian geese fill the lesser ponds. Blue Herons fly low, and all the campers are long gone. I always feel the dedication benches speak to me as I pass them by. They are these cool park benches dedicated to people who have died.

How I Improved My Symptoms of Hashimotos Disease: Spring Lake

Afterward, I felt so much better.  I love to hike and sometimes even if it wears me out, I feel renewed. And at least Boonie-the-dog is now calm and not chewing on my latest hair thingy or favorite pair of shoes.

So I was good or up almost 3 months on my thyroid meds, and now tired and down for two weeks. I do notice that in these down times my sleep patterns are interrupted and I have a hard time sleeping through the night.

I have an appointment tomorrow with a holistic Dr. who does saliva testing along with food allergies. They say answering these issues helps support the immune system. I have to say — this has been the longest period of time that I have gone without a bad cold or flu or even my usual bronchitis.

Hurray for small miracles.



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