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Myth: This Generation of Kids Are a Problem

the next generationSome parents are really bothered by their kids and the use of technology.

It’s a generational thing, and yes our parents said the same thing about us.


I used to love to lock myself in my bedroom and listen to music through my headsets for hours upon end. Do you know what I heard?

“Catherine, THAT music is going to make you deaf!” “What is that? Your ears? My gosh I haven’t seen them in weeks!” “Take those headsets off when I am talking to you Missy!”

But maybe I’m weird.

I love technology, so the site of my son and his friends texting, gaming, using an iTouch and talking to people half way around the world through an XBox doesn’t bother me one bit. Some of my best friends I know, I met through the Internet.

I was at a party a few weeks back, where people who didn’t have children were telling me how awful it must be to raise kids during “these times”. As opposed to raising kids, what in the 1950s?

When black people had to ride at the back of bus and couldn’t go to your school? When women couldn’t vote? When kids were shown pictures of an exploding atomic bomb for the first time? Those times?

Exactly what is so wrong with teenagers today?

I rather like them. I think they are amazing, and often, better adjusted than most of the adults I know. They care about the world because they are so connected to it. One of my son’s favorite movies is Rabbit Proof Fence, he also loves Band of Brothers. He’s a pretty typical teenage boy. He likes to blow things up and correct social injustice.

It’s balanced.

And I’m okay with the video games as long as he takes out the garbage, does his homework, continues in sports and is respectful.  And I really don’t care if he’s talking to a friend over XBox, while storming a castle as he texts his workaround to another friend, and glances at the 49rs losing on TV while another friend looks up tips on YouTube so they will win their battle.

It might shock some adults out there to know that this generation seems pretty conservative to me. Not conservative in you-must-believe-in-Jesus-or-you-are-a-heathen type of conservative, but less wild, more grounded – more aware of the world at large and how we are all connected.

They have some pretty serious goals and understanding of the way the world works. Now I know Hollywood and television would have you believe otherwise, but a lot of teenagers come in and out of my home on a pretty regular basis, and I think America should be proud.

The other day Brian was riding with me in the car and he turned to me and said,

“Mom, when you jump to fix my XBox problem or the computer problem in front of my friends it’s embarrassing. I got it covered, okay?”

He’s 15.

I couldn’t imagine being that open with my parents when I was 15.

“Okay Boobello, I get it. I’m sorry. I can still call you Boobello can’t I?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. My friends think that’s cool. They also like it when you tell them goodnight when you go to bed. They all call you Aunt Cath.  But check in with me on that from time to time okay?”

Trust me. Technology is not ruining them one bit.

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One Response to Myth: This Generation of Kids Are a Problem

  1. Mirjam de Rijk December 12, 2010 at 1:29 pm #

    Brian is blessed with a great mom and great friends.

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