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Learn Carpet Cleaning Fast: Create A Tsunami In Your Family Room

Some phone conversations are worth sharing.

Ebet: “Hello dear how are you?”

Me: “It’s been a month, are you on your way here?”

Ebet: “No and wait until you hear why.”

Me: “No girls night?”

Ebet: “Not tonight. I have wading boots on.”

Me: “Wading boots?  Is your husband home?”

Ebet:  “Yes.  Wait until you here the latest Ebet story. It will make you feel good about your Lucille Ball moments. Chris is here though, he is shampooing the carpet.”

Me: “You aren’t coming because you need to shampoo carpets?”

Ebet: “Well, you know how I worry about my daughter’s fish dying?’

Me: “Yes, so you don’t become the an amphibian murderer like me.”

Ebet: “Exactly. How is the pet burial plot these days?”

Me: “Luckily no new residences.”

Ebet: “Good.  Well, I decided to transfer my daughter’s fish from a 10 gallon tank to a 20 gallon tank from the garage. I had to bring the tank from the garage in, clean it and prep it, then drain the current 10 gallon tank fish home,  clean all the rock and their little homes and toys. I did all this and created a new home in the 20 gallon tank, filled it with water and rolled it over to the family room on this sturdy cart I use. Then, when the front right wheel hit the edge of carpet into that room  . . . uh  . . . the whole tank flew forward . . . ”


Ebet: “Yes.   I created my own tsunami in my family room with 20 gallons of water and a tank that shattered into a thousand pieces.”

Me; “Oh lord.”

Ebet: “It gets better. It took me three hours to clean up just the glass and rocks.”

Me: “The fish weren’t in it were they?”

Ebet: “No.  That would be you and this story would end with a fish funeral and a burial in your garden.”

Me: “True.  So the  w  a  t  e  r ?”

Ebet: “The water is still a nightmare. It covered the entire room up to about an inch of water.  We used our wet dry vacuum from the garage, and all the towels in northern Folsom, and figure we got it all. We had to move the furniture into the dining room.”

Me: “So no Chris football room.”

Ebet: “No, and still no Chris football room – you know why?”

Me: “Why?”

Ebet: “I did say Chris was home shampooing the carpet right?”

Me; “Yes.  I was getting turned on at the thought of a man shampooing a carpet. Please don’t tell me he is cleaning all the toilets next.  I might pass out.”

Ebet: “No problem.  We were letting the carpet dry and Monday everything was looking great, so Tuesday I wake up at my usual 5:30am.”

Me: “The ungodly hour.”

Ebet: “Yes.  The dogs are waiting for me and as I come out of our bedroom upstairs this smell begins to permeate my nostrils.”

Me: “Chris in the bathroom?”

Ebet: “This smell of like 50,000 pairs of used men’s sports socks – it made me gag.”

Me: “I bet that turned Chris on.”

Ebet:  “Oh Cath it was awful. The worst smell. I made Chris get up and come downstairs.”

Me: “Of course you did.  It’s our wifely duty.”

Ebet:” We opened all the windows and it is freezing outside. I am thinking it will snow anytime and we have all the windows open.”

Ebet: “So I tell Chris we have to tear up the carpet and probably get rid of the pad.  Now mind you this is our brand new carpet, so he says, “Like hell we are” and he goes down and rents one of those big carpet shampooers.”

Me: “So he is in charge of the carpet problem now?”

Ebet: “Yes.  After he shampooed it on Monday it seemed to work, and Tuesday morning when I got up it smelled great, but his morning…”

Me: “50,000 sock smell.”

Ebet: “Yep.”

Me: “Now what? Are you ripping up the carpet?”

Ebet: “Nope. Chris is shampooing it again as we speak.”

Me: “So this is why you can’t come see me?”

Ebet: “This is why.  My husband will be shampooing the carpet until he or the carpet wins.  I hope I get to see you in 10 years.”

The last I heard from Ebet they were ripping up the carpet, pad and wood and replacing it all.  But Chris now has a secondary skill of carpet shampooer.

Until next time –



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