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I Think I Just Survived The Holidays

I believe I am officially sleep walking through this day.  The Christmas tree is down – it was so dry – a spark from my temper could have set it ablaze. I dropped it off at the local tree-recycling center and should have all the needles removed from my carpet by September 2009.

I can now move my writing chair back to the corner and return to creating stories.

I am looking forward to the New Year, as 2005 will go down in the books as one of the most difficult years since my father’s death in 1978. At midnight Jan. 31st I plan to howl at the moon for surviving. I look forward to continuing the changes I set in place the last few months.

We will have to judge where I am on March 31st, as it will mark a year writing this online diary.

My how time flies.

Brian will turn 11 in 2006, the final year before the teenage years begin. I feel this was our last Santa year and I am sorry to see them fade away into memories. I love playing Brian’s Santa. Christmas is wonderful when experienced through childrens eyes.

It almost makes me want to have another baby just to start the fun all over again.

Then I think of what the first year is like and slap myself back to reality.

It would be nice to spend Christmas in Ireland next year.   I’d love to pull that one out of my magic hat.  How, I have no idea.

Time for this nut to go put the ornaments away.

Until next time-



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