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Everyone Should Be Able To Spend Their Birthday With A Kid

I once was told birthday celebrations came to be in ancient Ireland where evil spirits were thought to be more attracted to people on their birthdays.

In order to keep away the evil spirits, big celebrations full of joy and well wishes were thrown for the birthday person. I think the Irish side of my family believe the Irish created everything . . .

My fourth of July birthday always seems to stretch over a week or two like some pagan celebration. Rarely is it celebrated only on the fourth itself. This year, it began with the Pennegrove Parade on July 2nd, a funky little home town parade in the city of Pennegrove.

Yes, there is a city named Pennegrove.

Pennegrove is one city block long.

For their 4th of July parade, they open all the bars (3 of them) and serve cocktails at half price in plastic cups.   I think great things about a town that has more bars than cars.

It’s a hell of a way to spend a 46th birthday.

Brian insisted I take him to the beach the following day for our own birthday celebration.  I finally agree, only if he is willing to wake up early and go at breakfast time.  I thought this would deter him.

Me and my big mouth.

He wakes me with a shake at 6:30am. My bad, I guess I need to clarify breakfast time on a holiday.

Brian gathers Boonie the dog, blankets, pillows and anything he can get his hands on that qualifies as a digging tool – including my garden shovel. We are out the door at 8am heading west through fog to the Pacific Ocean and a wonderful state park beach: Doran Beach. By the time we reach the state park entrance, the fog has lifted exposing a beautiful sunny blue day.

Happy birthday to me.

We have our choice of parking spots and unload our beach gear. We hike over the soft sand dunes on to a wide white sand beach. We are almost alone except for the local runners and hikers that exercise by the waters shore everyday. What a life they lead. Brian runs about finding just the “right” spot and we set up camp.

Before running down to the waters edge with the dog, he pulls a small bag from his things and hands me a birthday gift. “Here mom, I love you” he says as he darts off in a dead run to the water. I don’t even have time to say a “Thank you”. I open the card. He has written about a hundred “I love you’s” inside.

I start to cry.

Inside the bag is a digital camera. He comes running back up from the water and dives on his knees to the blanket, sending sand everywhere. “Isn’t that cool? Now you can take pictures for your blog like you want to”, he smiles at me as he grabs the package ready to explain what a digital camera is.

Yes folks we are approaching the age where he thinks he knows more than me. I let him explain until the dog is barking at him to return to the water. Up he jumps with shovel in hand heading back to the softly cresting waves.

“COME ON MOM,” he yells back at me.

I arise and look at this perfect morning at the beach. Brian is truly brilliant sometimes at knowing exactly what my soul requires. This ideal setting is precisely what I need. I run down to the shore.

I chase Boonie and collect shells to remember the day.

We wrap it up at about two o’clock as the beach becomes crowded for the day.  I thank him for a perfect birthday – he grins and looks away from me.  He’s starting to try and hide his feelings from me.

Stop growing up please.  It’s going by way too fast.

Until next time –



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