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Give Us The Sonoma County Fair and Monte Rio Will Give You The Bohemian Grove

Each year at this time, the Sonoma County Fair runs two weeks in the heart of Santa Rosa. There is live horse racing, FFA exhibits, concerts, carnivals, great junk food, farm animals and plenty to spend your hard earned money on. It’s a long standing tradition and my son is there today with his dad. Last year I took Brian and a neighbor friend – they spent me blind. I think it is great that his dad gets to do the fair day with him this year… I hope Brian asks for everything he bugged me for last year.

Also, at this time each year, Bohemian Grove runs two weeks in the mountains above Monte Rio, a little river town west of Santa Rosa. The Bohemian Grove is a retreat for the Bohemian Club, a private mens club from San Francisco. Every year, at this time the club holds its annual gathering at the Bohemian Grove. It’s a big camping trip for men.

The club boasts up to 2000 male members. They say they have no racial, political or religious restrictions to join as a member, however any new members must be sponsored and then approved by the club. They don’t seem to mention that you must be very rich or famous or both. If you happen to be from one of the wealthy member families, it is said that you are grandfathered in upon a family member’s death. If you don’t know about this famous club, I doubt it is what you are thinking, considering it is an all mens club from San Francisco.

The Bohemian Grove is a gathering spot for some of the nation’s most powerful politicians and wealthiest men. No women. So Oprah will never be invited. Many fly into Sonoma County in their private jets to the Sonoma County airport. On the day they arrive, it is fun to go sit at the airport and watch some amazing private jets land. I saw Ted Turner fly in once.

Another time, Clint Eastwood was having a drink in the airport bar waiting for his driver to take him to the encampment. George Bush flew in once but I missed his arrival by 5 minutes. It is interesting to see these people in casual clothes on their way to an adult day camp.

This story tells about it if you are interested in more details:


I find it humorous that these two vastly different events go on every year at the same time in Sonoma County. It marks the middle of our summer, the half way point towards Fall and back to school.

While young boys play at the fair, older boys play at the grove camp.  See … men don’t change.

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