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Archive | November, 2008

What I’d Like To Say To My Son Before He’s All Grown Up

My dearest Brian,

Today I drove you to school in clean clothes that took me an hour to fold, when I was tired and wanted to go to bed, which I chose to do over writing on this blog.  I was proud when you got out of the car this morning and reached for your backpack from the front seat.  You are so handsome and kind, even though you are a 13 year old boy.  And someday when you have children of your own you will understand what I mean by that last sentence… especially if you have several teenage boys.  I am proud of how you look when you walk out the door.  You are always clean, and your clothes reflect the love I feel for you.  Believe it or not, being your mom is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

Because of the love that I feel towards you I often make you do things which you may have a difficult time understanding.  I have been told I have the ability to look into the future, or to you, behind my head.  I know exactly, down to the letter T, what kind of man I want to send out into the world just a few short years from now.  Thus I find situations that will test your character, which induce your ever-so-lovely roll of the eyes.

The latest eye-roller I felt compelled to push you into is your weekly ballroom dance and etiquette class, where you have to wear a suit (and tie) and dance with, dare I say, g – i – r – l – s.  Pretty girls none the less.  If I was a betting mom, I would wager $1,000 that you will someday thank me for the opportunity you had to touch a girl at age 13.  More importantly, you will be thankful that you are being taught to get to know girls by name, to treat them with respect and hold them in grace.  This will save you much anguish in your adult life.

Oddly, for all the eye rolling, you seem to like wearing suits and dancing with girls.  I believe under all that teenage angst is a smart young man.  Loving women and enjoying their company (while wearing a suit) will take you far in life.  TRUST ME.

Someday you will take me in your arms and dance with me at your wedding and we will laugh about these days.  I promise.  Although I have never met a man who really enjoys wearing a tie, but you usually behave better dressed this way, and so we like you when you dress well.

The days of homework and helping you struggle with reading for 13 years until you stumbled across the right teacher, and the right book that hooked you on English literature are almost behind us.  Along with all the different sports we tried until you figured out that swimming and water is like chocolate milk to you.  You will never know the hours your father and I spent taking you to sports activities in the hope of finding something that sparked your confidence, and helped you get to know your own developing body.  I love watching you swim.

Can we be done with school projects?  Like YESTERDAY?

These are the times I treasure most because I know that just around the corner …POOF … you will be off creating your own life and I will be left with mine.  There will be plenty of time to write when I have stopped picking up your underwear and wet towels from the bathroom floor, or driving you and your posse to the movies, or fixing you dinner, and snacks and having to stop at the store because we are out of milk, even though I just bought a gallon the day before, or hemming your pants – only to let them out a month later.

I love it when your friends stay over and hang over my shoulder when I am cooking in the kitchen.  You are all so tall.  How do you survive on an hours worth of sleep and still manage to play video games?   You act like you don’t want me fussing, but call me constantly into your room for one thing or another.  I always end up covering each of you with blankets when you have passed out in your chairs and on the couch.  I love being your mom and I love your friends.

So yes, I am not posting on my blog very much these days.  I’ve been involved in your life and you are keeping me busy.  There is much to know about you these days as you grow into the young man who will go off to college in 5 short years.  These are the last few years I have to make a mark on the man you will become.  I treasure every moment spent with you and I am sure my readers understand.


Your mom

Until next time –



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